What Are Some of the Potential Health Benefits of CBD?

The Many Benefits of Edibles
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The Many Benefits of Edibles

Here are a multitude of health benefits powered by cannabis-infused edibles.

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Cannabis Strains that Combat Stress and Hypertension

Cannabis has a real opportunity to curb the figures associated with stress and high blood pressure. Here are a few strains that can help.

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Why Weed Is Better than Alcohol

Here are a few recent studies on why cannabis consumption is way safer than consuming alcohol.

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The Impact of 'Cannatech' amidst a Global Pandemic

Two words: cannabis technology. It is the backbone of the global cannabis industry.

The Benefits of Using CBD for anxiety

PNW Bud discuses the many benefits associated with using CBD to treat anxiety.

Why Are People Using Marijuana?

As the popularity of marijuana and other cannabis products increases, let’s look at why this natural compound is becoming so popular!

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