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Hitman Glass – Shatter Dab Rig – Terpicana

This hitman glass dab rig is perfect for the active user, its small portable size makes it easy to carry around. You will impress your friends and family with this juice box designed dab rig. It comes with a glass nail and glass…
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$45.00 $35.00

Sticky Stanky – Marijuana Residue and Smoke Odor Eliminator

Comes in a small easy to carry container. Do you hate the way your fingers smell after smoking? well, this product will help with that nasty stank. Sticky stanky also helps with sticky residue left over from cannabis or wax products. This is perfect for the stoner at work, smoke a phatty and use sticky stanky to get rid of that…
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$5.00 per Container

Mc Donalds glass dab rig

Mc Donalds dab rig will impress your dabbing friends. Take phat rips on the go with this dab rig. Great for the traveling…
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$25.00 per Rig