In our opinion, Sativa strains are a daytime weed because they give you an uplifting feeling, making you more creative and less tired. While some people will say Sativa strains are not as strong as their counter-part Indica, in our experience, you simply need to find to the right strain of Sativa. We have some strong Sativa buds that will surely please any heavy hitter. Sativa is known to help cure certain medical disorders like depression, ADHD, fatigue, and many more. The Sativa plant itself grows very tall and has a longer flowering time.

Milky Way Extracts – Pina Colada – SATIVA – Distilled Cartridge – 1g

THESE ARE 1 GRAM CARTRIDGES - Hmm Pina Colada, this cartridge tastes amazing. You will not be disappointed with this choice. Each cartridge is filled with tasty natural terps and will have you feeling mellow in no time. Free of MCT, PG, PEG, and…
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$55.00 per Cartridge

5 Pre-rolled Sativa Joints

Top shelf bud used for 5 pre-rolled joints. Save yourself the hassle we will roll for…
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Multi Pack – four 1/8’s

You are busy we get it! so let us choose your flavors for you! we will ship you the freshest buds available. Best bang for your buck!! -2 Indica -1 hybrid -1…
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